Marsal Electric Pizza Oven

Marsal engineers took the brilliant designs and exclusive technologies of the successful MB & SD Series gas-fired ovens and discovered a way to provide the same power and incredible bake using electric power. Unlike most commercial electric deck ovens, Marsal’s EDO Series electric ovens provide you with the authentic performance of Marsal’s traditional deck ovens. EDO Series electric deck ovens have a one-inch thick brick cooking surface and a revolutionary electric coil burner system, ensuring an even distribution of heat throughout the baking deck. Pizza pies are crispier and tastier.

  • Vented Control Door conceals thermostat and safety valve.
  • Dual Controls allow you to independently control the main burner and side burner temperatures, and an intergrated thermometer allows you to see exactly what temperature the baking chamber is at so you can easily make adjustments.
  • Full-Length, 10-Gauge Heat Deflectors divert heat from the burners to ensure an even heat throughout the baking chamber.
  • An Open, Arched Baking Chamber Door creates the effect of an Old-World flame wood-burning oven.
  • Available in Two Sizes & Stacked with MB Series Brick Pizza Ovens: Wave Ovens can be ordered as a single or as a stacked unit with either MB 42 or MB 60 brick ovens on the bottom. Get the best of both!
  • Finish it to Fit Your Decor: Factory finish allows you to decorate the oven with brick or tile, or choose the optional stainless steel finish.
  • Heavy-Duty Adjustable Legs are welded to the oven’s base.
  • Ultra-High-Temperature Fiberglass Insulation allows for 0″ clearance on both sides.
  • Gas Connection 3/4″ in rear of oven.
  • Warranty 1 year on labor and 18 months on parts.
Download Specifications Sheet

Download Specifications Sheet