Marsal SD

Imagine cooking in a commercial deck oven where you never have to rotate the pie and your pizza comes out crispy and delicious all the way around. This is exactly what you get with Marsal SD Series deck ovens.

Marsal’s SD Series commercial pizza ovens are built to keep up at the busiest times. SD deck ovens will give you faster-cooked, crispier, and tastier pizza!

  • Brick-Lined Baking Chamber. The cooking surface is 2″ thick brick, and the rear and arched ceiling of the chamber is lined with 1.5″ thick refractory brick, providing more heat retention so your oven won’t quit.
  • Marsal Burner Design runs the oven burner left to right for the best heat distribution.
  • Vented Control Door conceals thermostat and safety valve.
  • Chamber Opening is below a 1″ lip that prevents heat from rolling out when the door is open. The SD 448 and SD 660 both have a 7″ door height opening.
  • Full-Length, 10-Gauge Heat Deflectors divert heat from the burners to ensure an even heat throughout the baking chamber.
  • 18-Gauge Stainless Steel lines the front and doors of the SD Series ovens for a beautiful look and durable design. The rest of the SD oven is manufactured using 18-gauge aluminized steel both inside and outside.
  • Thermostatically controlled from 300° to 650° F.
  • Spring-balanced Oven Door provides for a smooth door action.
  • Heavy-Duty Adjustable Legs are welded to the oven’s base.
  • Ultra-High-Temperature Fiberglass Insulation allows for 0″ clearance on both sides. We still recommend 3 – 4” of clearance in rear for combustion air intake.
  • Gas Connection 3/4″ in rear of oven.
  • Available in multiple sizes: 4-pie, 6-pie, & 8-pie decks. See Specifications for specific options and measurements.
  • Warranty 1 year on labor and 18 months on parts.
Download Specifications Sheet

Download Specifications Sheet